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According to the various studies, the participation rate of Indians in the Indian Stock Market is anywhere 5%-10%. “Our vision” is to change that! We want help Middle-Class Indians to feel confident to navigate vagaries of the market with purpose and focus required to make it truly a second source of Income – reliable, consistent & available when needed.

We plan to make this happen by ensuring all the relevant Income Generating Decisions for Dividend Income, Trading Income, Speculative Income are fact driven rather than rumor based.



Are you Ready?

Readiness Index indicates in our view how amicable you are to tap Capital Market to meet your financial goals. We believe, your readiness is a function of your attitudes and comfort towards the idea that in order to achieve higher returns, one needs to take higher risks too.


We realize you may be new to digital services and hence may have quite a few questions for us. Here is our attempt at per-emoting most commonly asked questions and giving you the confidence that we understand your challenges.

Unsubscribe to any of our products–no questions asked–within 7 days of purchase. However, if you fail to unsubscribe within the first 7 days of subscription to a service, you will get an option to unsubscribe at renewal time.

You may like to know, our services are regulated both by SEBI and RBI. SEBI regulates the trading transactions, while RBI regulates the banking transactions.

You may want to know that as per the SEBI guidelines an NRI cannot participate in Intraday trading. However, you are permitted to participate in all other transactions.

You may also want to know as per the RBI guidelines, you can participate in the trading activities using your NRO or NRE accounts only. Linking NRE accounts provide the added flexibility of undertaking repatriation of your funds.

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions 9 am to 5 pm IST on Monday through Friday. There will not be any customer service on any of the Public Holidays.

Artifact support is a service provided by authors on TheSecondIncomeSource.Org® Powered by Adiyanth Analytics & having support for your purchased artifact means that the author will be available to you, the buyer, to iron out any potential issues you have in using the artifact.

This page will tell you all about what you can expect from authors who sell supported artifacts. Here’s a summary:

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Yes, our services and actions are regulated by SEBI. We are constantly nudged to adopt Fiduciary Responsibility for our clients.

We are a young start up & hence we are currently focused on ensuring we build best-in-class ecosystem partners & a sustainable business model. We currently have clients that are looking support for:

  1.  A retired their journey of  converting their physical assets into Financial assets
  2.  A middle-class middle school teacher in generating a second income source
  3. A senior citizen who wants to generate returns commensurate with inflation in health care costs
  4. A parent looking to pass their inheritances in form of financial assets rather than physical assets
  5. An NRI keen to evaluate Indian Market for risk diversification & returns
  6. A millennial professional seeking an additional income to be used as Pocket Money & not have to rely on others.

We point fingers based on a combination of 16 elements, viz., Rebound, Drop, Oscillate, Pattern, Act, Retrace, Cycle, system, Time, Fear, Pessimism, Skepticism, Neutral, Optimism, Conviction, & Greed!

These elements are weaved into service lines so that you are able to experience a Coherent, Cohesive, Concise, Compelling & Contextual narratives & recommendations!

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