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Adiyanth Analytics is a boutique family run partnership firm established to help clients with POCs for Data Driven Decision Making! We achieve this goal through our proprietary pentagon model coupled with its integrated analytics delivery which is built to address two most confronting challenges for businesses where Data is considered as the New Oil.

  • Information vs Insight (i2i)
  • Information vs Analytics (i2A)


  1. ON PLANNING: Long-range plans engender the dangerous belief that the future is under control. It is important never to take your own long-range plans, or other people’s, seriously.

  2. ON RISK: Worry is not a sickness but a sign of health. If you are not worried, you are not risking enough

  3. ON HOPE: When the ship starts to sink, don’t pray. Jump.

  4. ON FORECASTS: Human behavior cannot be predicted. Question anyone who claims to know the future, however dimly.

  5. ON PATTERNS: Chaos is not dangerous until it begins to look orderly.

  6. ON INTUITION: A hunch can be trusted if it can be explained.

  7. ON OPTIMISM AND CONFIDENCE: Optimism means expecting the best, but confidence means knowing how you will handle the worst.

  8. ON CONSENSUS: disregard the majority opinion. It is probably wrong

  9. ON STUBBORNNESS: if it doesn’t pay off the first time, forget it.

  10. ON RELIGION AND THE OCCULT: It is unlikely that God’s plan for the universe includes making you rich.

POSITION: We Deliver Agility

Adiyanth specializes in Information & Knowledge management services wishing to cater to a specific market segment that consists of organizations that have experienced growth period of at least 5 years resulting in the unique culture, brand recall, appreciation and market expectations being at their peak. These organizations are now at cusp with the risk of quickly slipping into “trough of disillusionment”, or at best feared for, flattened slope of enlightenment going forward.

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