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The stock market behavior is anything but ordinary and rational. It is the sum total of participants emotions, perspectives & money power. Emotions play role in holding on to soured bets, while, money power can cause the significant expansion to multiples.

The objective of this service is to arm you with the capability to look ahead & decipher the risk of not meeting the objective given the current “state of market matters”.

We will do this through scenario planning based on potential loss and likelihood of incurring that loss. We will also try to incorporate alternate investment option for each stock in the portfolio in the form of Bonds, ETFs & Mutual Funds to pare the Risk



For Mutual Funds: Mutual Funds and securities investments are subject to market risks and there is no assurance or guarantee that the objectives of the Scheme(s) / Recommendations will be achieved. Past performance does not indicate assurance of any future returns in any of the Scheme(s) / Recommendations. Before making any investments, you can seek additional independent professional advice, verify the contents in order to arrive at an informed investment decision. Please read all scheme related documents carefully before investing.

For Equities: These stocks are our research recommendations and the clients are advised to take their own investment decisions. We do not guarantee any returns on investments. Past performance of any investment does not guarantee the future performance. Please read the research reports and disclaimers

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